Neptune Krill Oils Benefits Side Effects and Dosage

Neptune Krill Oils Benefits and Side Effects.

NKO which is the abbreviation for Neptune krill oil has lot of benefits especially for heart due its fatty acid profile. When it comes to fat there is one such fat which you would not try to cut it and that is OMEGA 3 fatty acids, two crucial one EPA and DHA are found in some kind of fish while an important fat ALA known as Alpha Linolenic Acid is found in plant sources sources such as nuts and seeds. Not only our body needs this fats to function, but they also comes with numerous health benefits.

Neptune Krill Oils Benefits Side Effects and Dosage

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Profile Of Neptune Krill Oil

  • Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Many people know that Omega 3 fatty acids are very important but they do not know how much are they taking it. Omega 3 fatty acids can reduce Triglycerides levels (TGL), the more the TGL levels more are the chances of heart diseases. Omega 3 fatty acids have anti-inflammatory properties, they also curb stiffness and help manage joint pain better. Neptune krill oil is filled with omega 3 fatty acids which will help you in lowering heart diseases. Many studies have shown that cultures which consume Omega 3 fatty acids show less signs of depression.

  • Supports Immunity

Neptune krill oil has an element called Astaxanthin which is said to fight with pathogens which cause flu and cough, there by protecting you from seasonal diseases by boosting your immune system. Astaxanthin helps in protecting the eye, the brain and the central nervous system

  • Promotes Healthy Cholesterol

Healthy cholesterol is very important for our body to maintain blood pressure and blood sugar levels, Neptune krill oil can help you in maintaining good cholesterol and helps you in avoiding heart related diseases.

  • Healthy Skin

Neptune krill oil promotes the flow of blood which means your skin will be as healthy as ever, if you face acne problems then use of Neptune Krill oil will definitely help you.

Why is Neptune Krill Oil Better?

What makes Neptune Krill oil better is the Omega 3 fatty acids in this oil are carried by phospolipids, a fundamental component in all cell membranes which makes them easily recognizable by the body.

Unlike fish oil it does not cause any reflex or and no fishy aftertaste, because the Omega 3 fatty acids are easily digestible by the body.

Side Effects Of Neptune Krill Oil

As we know anything taken other than recommended dosage causes side effects, even Neptune Krill Oil must be taken as suggested by the dietitian and you should check with your dietitian if you have any other medical conditions or you take any other medicines.


General suggestion is to take 1 soft gel per day or as directed by your dietitian.

Benefits Of Neptune Krill Oil

  • Supports heart health
  • Makes skin healthy
  • Promotes joint health
  • Enhances mental clarity
  • Gives healthy vision
  • Helps arthritis patients
  • Manage premenstrual syndrome

Adopt Neptune krill oil today and gift yourself a healthy heart and a healthy life.


As we have seen there are numerous health benefits of Neptune krill oil and many studies have been done on this oil and there have been lot of positive results. Neptune krill is oil manufacturers are many in the market now and you can also check with your local medical store or your dietitian for the availability.

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