Activities Which Reduce Your Immune System || Stop Doing These Activities To Avoid Diseases Like Coronavirus

The immune system is our bodies number one line of defense mechanism which protects you from various type of bacteria, viruses and other disease causing pathogens, you immune system and your health are directly related, stronger the immune system then then you will have more protection against colds, viruses and other illness causing germs that attack your body. On the other hand a weak immunity can make you  more vulnerable to frequent colds and slow wound healing. 

Various factors can make your immunity weaker and make you susceptible to diseases and you will be surprised to know that many daily common habits invite unwanted pathogens inside our body. Especially when we are growing old we need to make sure we are tracking our daily habits. Let us look at such habits which impact our immune system in a bad way.

Activities Which Reduce Your Immune System || Stop Doing These Activities To Avoid Diseases Like Coronavirus

Activities Which Reduce Your Immune System

Activities Which Reduce Your Immune System

Are you a Night owl?

If you work late nights or night shifts or have a habit of watching TV/mobile till late night, then it might affect your immune system, many studies have shown that lower sleep and bad sleeping habits are associated with health issues and immunity also gets low. These bad sleeping habits have an effect on WBC (Whiteblood cells), sleep deprivation also reduces the production of cytokines. When you sleep your body releases different types of cytokines and helps your body protect against infections. In a 2017 survey it was found that people who had 8-9 hours of sleep had a good immune system when compared to people who had sleep <7 hours.

Tips for a good sleep

  • Practice doing yoga
  • Meditation for 30 minutes
  • Workout or a sport for 1 hour
  • No loud music / earphones before 1 hour of sleep
  • No mobile use on bed

Excessive Sugar Intake

Sweet cravings are common for everyone but it’s the amount of intake which makes the difference, refined sugar is considered very bad it has the ability to reduce the white blood cells count(WBC), sugar avoids Vitamin C to enter into WBC and make them weaker. If you are really a sweet lover then you can replace refined sugar with honey or jaggery. You can also intake fruits which are sweet like Apples, watermelons, oranges, you can also make juice of these fruits and satisfy your cravings.

Tips to reduce Sugar

  • Replace sugar with honey
  • Avoid carbonated sweetened drinks
  • Start intaking fruits

Excessive Alcohol Intake

You know a scientific research says daily a glass of wine will help cardio-vascular help but excessive intake will work in a reverse manner, it will create a damage to your heart. Excessive alcohol consumption would compromise your metabolic activity and you may have problems in food digestion, liver gets spoiled and does not perform its activity properly, thereby alcoholics do not have the immune system which can fight pathogens away. 

Tips to reduce Alcohol Intake

  • Plan your drinks ahead
  • Keep a check on your parties
  • Drink low alcoholic beverages

Smoking Cigarettes / Hookahs

To an extent alcohol is permitted but when it comes to smoking it is not at all encouraged as cigarettes contain more than 250 harmful toxic substances some of which are very poisonous such as ammonia, arsenic, nicotine & toluene. Smoking affects each and every part of the body and immune system is no exception. 

Tips to reduce smoking

  • Start doing yoga & breathing exercises
  • Running & physical exercises
  • Chewing smoking avoiding chewing gums available in market

Eating JUNK Food

Junk food as you know has high cholesterol and fat levels & excess fat is the main reason for obesity. High fat diet damages the immune system even before you become obese, Obesity will reduce the ability of WBC to multiply and make you prone to infections. Generally western foods are considered to have a lot of refined sugar and fat, obesity increases the risk of cancer, infections & other diseases. 

Tips to reduce junk food

  • Plan homemade meals
  • Experiment with cooking
  • Have a calender planned for fast food
  • Keep a check on fast food intake

Inadequate Intake of Water

As you are aware that the human body is made up of 75% water, if you do not supply your body with water then definitely it will have an impact on your immune system, proper hydration is a key to improve immunity, water plays a vital role in your day to day life. It is recommended that 8-10 glasses of water must be taken by a healthy person. However the intake of water depends on the climate you live in, but you need to make sure that your body stays hydrated all the time. 

Tips to intake adequate water

  • Have an alarm / reminder for each hour
  • Use a water bottle if you are too busy

Having No Physical Activity

Engaging in some sort of physical activity makes our body very active and the immune system gets the power to fight with pathogens and also decreases the chance of suffering from chronic and heart diseases. Doing a regular physical activity helps reduce stress and increase the count of WBC and when you do a physical activity the temperature if your body raises and eliminated the bacteria from the surface of your body. 

Tips for Daily Physical Activity

  • Have at least 30 minutes dedicated for physical activity
  • Use a step counter / smartwatch which can count your steps
  • Target for 6000 steps daily
  • Do not sit/sleep immediately after meals, walk at least 200 steps


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