Bipolar Disorder Symptoms In Men, Women, Children | Bipolar Disorder Types Explained

Bipolar Symptoms In Men, Women, Children | Bipolar Symptoms Depression.

Bipolar disorder is a mental illness that is classified by extreme highs and extreme lows this illness is so high that it changes your activity levels, changes your sleep patterns, changes the way you think and subsequently changes your behavior. The most important part is that it impacts your life in a incredibly negative way. There are various levels of Bipolar disorder and different types of bipolar disorder and it is very important to know the differences between those. Many people have heard about Bipolar disorder but they do not know the levels of it. In this article we will see Bipolar disorder types signs and symptoms.

Bipolar Disorder Symptoms In Men, Women, Children | Bipolar Disorder Types Explained

Bipolar Disorder 1

Bipolar one is mania, which means people have delusions, euphoria and sudden excitements, Bipolar 1 is expansive elevated mood and sometimes it may become irritable, this might continue for 7 days or more. 3 Symptoms are important here, to know whether you are having bipolar disorder 1 there are

  • Distracted : This is the sign of not paying attention and cannot sit still at one place, they cannot finish any task
  • Impulsive : With impulsive behavior people get into trouble by doing things which are out of their scope, they take decisions rashly and get into a big trouble
  • Grandiosity :  This is the 3rd symptom of bipolar disorder 1 and in this people behave like almost like psychos, they almost feel like they are super heroes. Some people become so much great about themselves and always try be to be at the center and try to impress others. You may also see some people having flight of ideas, their ideas just does not make any sense.

People with mania or bipolar disorder 1 are sleep deprived

The above three symptoms are of bipolar disorder 1, if you have any of these above issues for a week or more then you might be suffering from Bipolar disorder 1

Bipolar Disorder 2

This is also known as hypomania, the main difference between Bipolar disorder 1 and bipolar disorder 2 is the length of time.  Bipolar 1 disorder is for 1 week or more but Bipolar disorder is just 4 days. Symptoms for bipolar disorder 2 will be considered for just 4 days when compared to disorder 1. Hypomania does not get as bad as bipolar 1 mania, you will feel the grandiosity and flight of ideas. In addition to the 3 mentioned symptoms of bipolar 1 bipolar 2 disorder will have depression and you don´t like doing things, suicidal thoughts are some symptoms of bipolar disorder 2.

Bipolar Disorder Symptoms In Men

There are no definite symptoms for bipolar disorder in men, but we can identify these with the help of few clues. Generally men who get bipolar disorder is due to the pressure in office, failed marriage, lack of sleep, improper management of time, fear of being failed. These things lead to bipolar disorder in men and if the problem is severe then they might go into depression.

Bipolar Disorder Symptoms In Women

Similarly as men, women also does not have any definite symptoms but problems like a failed marriage, relationship issues, pressure at workplace, miscarriage could be some reasons for bipolar disorder in women.

Bipolar Disorder In Children

Children also face this problem of bipolar disorder. There might be many reasons for children becoming bipolar is because they might be bullied by other students at school, fear of failing, fear of a subject. All parents must keep a watch on childrens activities and his mood swings and if they find any inappropriate behavior then they must talk to them immediately and know what are the concerns and check the root cause of the problem.

Bipolar Disorder Treatment

Many people think bipolar disorder as an mental illness and feel shy to share about their problem, but this could result in very dangerous outcome. If you think you are having any of the above mentioned symptoms of bipolar disorders then you need to follow the below given treatments.

  • Talk to your family members and explain the situation
  • Try meditating or doing yoga
  • Check for a cognitive therapy in your area
  • Talk to your doctor/psychiatrist

We hope this article on Bipolar Disorder Symptoms In Men, Women, Children | Bipolar Disorder Types Explained, have helped you in knowing the importance and treatment.

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