Can Sunshine Vitamin Help in fighting Covid-19

Sunshine vitamin is nothing but Vitamin D the name it has got as Sunshine vitamin because Sun is the natural and effective source of providing this vitamin. As we all are now aware that how immunity plays an important role in fighting Corona virus, we also need to to know how Sunshine vitamin is helpful in fighting Corona virus. Vitamin D is a very powerful nutrient for the body but many people just ignore it and face lot of difficulties in the long term, nearly 40% of American adults and nearly 1 billion people have found to have deficiency of Vitamin D. The reason for people having low Vitamin D is because it is found in very less amount of foods and most of it is produced in our own skin. This vitamin is produced when our skin is exposed to sun for a short period of time, if you are concerned that you are getting enough Vitamin D then following will be the symptoms.

  • Aching Muscles

Muscle ache without any work out may be a sign of low Vitamin D, it plays an important role in muscle support function and when metabolized Vitamin D helps in strengthening muscles.

  • Painful Bones

Once we enter adulthood our bones stop growing but the old bone tissue is replaced by a new one regularly. If Vitamin D is not adequate in the body then it may make bones soft and even a small injury can break the bone.

  • Fatigue

Our body needs energy throughout the day for doing various activities and we tend to become lazy in between, it is common for anyone to be lethargic for sometime but if you are experiencing dullness the whole day, lack of energy then its time that you get Vitamin D

  • Dizziness

Vitamin D or Sunshine Vitamin plays an important role in getting over dizziness, Vitamin D plays an important role in the proper functioning of the ears as there are receptors of Vitamin D in the calcium channels transport  located in the inner ear. So, when there is a imbalance of calcium in your inner ear then you can feel sudden dizziness, to avoid this problem you need to have adequate vitamin D.

Can Sunshine Vitamin Help in fighting Covid-19 || Sunshine Vitamin for Corona Virus || Sunshine Vitamin

Can Sunshine Vitamin Help in fighting Covid-19 || Sunshine Vitamin for Corona Virus

How to get Vitamin D naturally?

The foremost source for Vitamin D is Sun, that is the reason for this vitamin to get the name as Sunshine Vitamin. All you need is to enjoy the early morning sun for at least 20 minutes, if you are a busy individual or you work in night shifts then you need to plan to have exposure to sun at least thrice a week for 30 minutes. If you have adark skin color then you need to spend more time in sun to get enough vitamin D. If you use a sunscreen lotion then you need to stop it as it will not allow Vitamin D to be absorbed by skin.

Foods Which Contain Vitamin D

  • Oily fish
  • Dairy products
  • Mushrooms

The recommended daily amount of vitamin D is 600 IU or 15 mcg (micrograms).

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Can sunshine vitamin help fight Covid-19?

We have seen the importance of Vitamin D and the problems arising with its deficiency, now Corona virus disease symptoms start with chills, fevers, body ache and shortness of breath. If you are already having Vitamin D deficiency then the rate of corona infection increases and you face serious issues.

If you have a good intake of vitamin D daily then you can get rid off  the problems like dizziness, fatigue, muscle ache and your immune system will also function up to the level to fight diseases.


Sunshine vitamin or Vitamin D is very essential for our immune system to fight the pathogens away and stay active. All you need to do is to stay in sun for a few minutes when you find time, if you live in a country where you do not find much sun light regularly then you must intake food supplements containing Vitamin D.

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