Dry Ginger and Black Pepper Tea To Boost Immunity Strength

Dry Ginger and Black Pepper Tea To Boost Immunity Strength. In the wake of Covid-19 pandemic every doctor and nutritionist is suggesting to improve immunity and many people who have good immunity strength have fought back with the disease and recovered. But, many of them do not have the ability to fight Coronavirus so, it is very important now to have a balanced diet and include foods which boost immunity. In this article we will see a simple tea which can be made in just 10 minutes with just two important ingredients which boost immunity. Dry ginger and black pepper tea, this tea can be consumed at anytime and by anyone, especially if you are a busy individual who does not time find to plan your diet then dry ginger and black pepper tea is perfect solution for you.

Benefits of Ginger

Ginger is a super food which has the ability to boost your senses, helps you in digestion and improves overall mood.

  • Improves blood circulation : If your blood circulates well then obviously your body can absorb more nutrients, Ginger has the power to increase the core body temperature and helps in your overall blood circulation. This means you will be getting more oxygen into the muscle which means your heart and lungs also will be receiving more oxygen.
  • Pain Reliever : Ginger has properties which reduce inflammation and reduce pain, Ginger has the property to block pain causing enzymes, Ginger also helps in reducing headaches. Overall if you experience pain then you must start taking ginger.
  • Relaxes Muscles If you are a serious fitness hobbyist and go to regular gym or play a sport then cramping and muscle pains are very common, if you start taking ginger then you can overcome these problems.
  • Prevents NauseaMany people face travel sickness and also people who drive long distances have the problem of nausea, if you take a piece of ginger before travelling then it will work like a wonder as it stimulates gastric juices and help you to travel happily.

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Benefits Of Black Pepper

  • Prevents CancerBlack pepper contains Vitamin A, C , Flavanoids, carotenes and other anti oxidant elements which help fighting cancer causing agents.
  • Helps Digestive System :  Black pepper has a substance known as piperine which has the ability to stimulate taste buds, in addition it helps in indigestion problems, diarrhea, constipation and acidity problems.
  • Controls WeightBlack pepper destroys fat accumulating cells and if you plan to get control on weight then adding a pinch of black pepper in daily meals will help you a lot in achieving the fitness goal.

Dry Ginger and Black Pepper Tea

Dry Ginger and Black Pepper Tea To Boost Immunity Strength


How To Make Dry Ginger and Black Pepper Tea

Making this tea is very simple, it takes just 10 minutes to prepare

  1. Take a bowl and add water 3 tea cups
  2. Let the water come to boil
  3. Add 2 cups of milk
  4. Add Tea powder, dry ginger powder and black pepper
  5. Let the mixture come to boil
  6. You can add honey/sugar to enhance taste
  7. Filter the mixture and energetic sips are ready

If you have allergy to milk you can exclude it.


Dry ginger and black pepper tea is a powerful combination  of ingredients which can fight with common cold and cough, this tea can be served to people who are suffering from cold and cough as this gives immediate relief. These ingredients have got lot of importance from ancient times and as they have lot of benefits they are again gaining lot of importance these days to increase immunity levels especially to protect from coronavirus.

Hope you enjoyed reading article on Dry Ginger and Black Pepper Tea. 



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