Kashayam Drink To Get Rid Of Cold and Cough || Kashayam Recipe For Seasonal Flu

Kashayam Drink To Get Rid Of Cold and Cough. Winters and rainy seasons bring lot of health concerns and out of them cold and cough are very common and anyone can get affected by this. To get rid off cold and cough at home with a simple remedy is very helpful, an ayurvedic drink which is made in the form of decoction with some herbs will give you instant relief and help you in getting back to your work. Making Kashayam drink is very easy and can be prepared in just 10 minutes, in this article we will see Kashayam for cold and cough and ingredients required to prepare Kashayam.

Kashayam is an ancient drink from India which is bitter in taste and dark in color, there are many other names for this drink such as Kaadha or Kwath. Preparation method is almost same for these drinks.

Kashayam Drink To Get Rid Of Cold and Cough || Kashayam Recipe For Seasonal Flu



Ingredients used to prepare Kashayam

  • Tulasi :  Tulasi (basil) is a home grown medicinal herb almost found in every Indian home, you can use fresh leaves or powder from dried leaves.
  • Ginger : Ginger adds extra kick to the drink with it´s spicy taste, with vitamins such as B6, magnesium and manganese, two slices of fresh ginger are required.
  • Cinnamon Cinnamon is a rick source of Vitamin K and adding Cinnamon gives an aroma and gives a great taste to the drink
  • Cloves : Cloves are known for repairing tooth issues and reducing fever, adding 2-3 cloves will make your drink very tasty
  • Pepper : Black pepper has Vitamin K, Manganese, iron so adding a tea spoon of black pepper will power up your Kashayam drink with immunity
  • Turmeric : Used in Ayurveda for treating ailments, a pinch of Turmeric in the drink will make it more powerful

The above 6 mentioned ingredients make immunity boosting kashayam drink

Recipe to prepare Kashayam Drink

Preparing Kashayam drink is very easy and will just take 10 minutes, following is the procedure to prepare Kashayam drink and get rid off cold and cough.

  1. Take water in a bowl and bring the water to boil
  2. Add tulsi, cloves, cinnamon, ginger, pepper & turmeric
  3. Let the ingredients release their aromas and flavor
  4. Boil the decoction for 10 minutes
  5. Filter out the drink and serve hot
  6. You can add jaggery/honey to enhance the taste

Kashayam Drink To Get Rid Of Cold and Cough

All the ingredients added in this drink are powerful immunity boosters and makes an amazing drink for whole family. Kashayam drink is especially used in winter and rainy seasons to fight cold and cough. Drinking this powerful immunity booster thrice a week early in the morning will make you immune towards cold and cough.


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