MYANT Develops Textiles Which Keeps Connected With Loved Ones | SKIIN by MYANT

MYANT Develops Textiles Which Keeps Connected With Loved Ones | SKIIN by MYANT

Tony Chahine owner and the founder of MYANT and SKIIN has a special story attached with this innovation. His father was a patient of dementia and he need continuous help and while he was young he could not dedicate time for his dad and he used to be dependent on nurses. He was always worried about his fathers health and how he could manage and the response from the nurses was also unsatisfactory, this was the time he got an idea about how to be connected with our loved ones all the time who need special attention.

He started his innovative journey 10 years back with an idea to be connected with loved ones who need special care, we can take care of our special ones only when we are available in same physical space. But now with the latest innovation of MYANT you can track each an every activity of your loved ones.

What Is SKIIN and How Does It Work?

SKIIN are daily wearable clothes which you can wear but they are knitted with sensors, these sensors have the ability to track your heart rate, your location and your physical activity. These wearable dresses by SKIIN will be connected by a app and you can check the activities of your loved ones whenever you wish. With this Skiin Connected Life app you can prioritize your other important tasks without worrying about your loved ones.

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Skiin by myant | Textile Computing

Textile Computing | MYANT Textile Computing | SKIIN by MYANT

Textile computing is the latest innovation in health tech and MYANT is leading the way for this, the technology is now under clinical trials and could be in full fledged usage in the coming days. Almost a decade this technology is being developed and now its going to be a reality, Phase 1 of early access program will begin from 1 October 2020 and you can register here.


  • MYANT is Toronoto (Canada) based company which is focusing on textile computing, it has more than 70+ patents on their name.
  • Under the leadership of Tony Chahine and his vision to develop textile computing MYANT is scaling new heights
  • Winner – Product Innovation Award 2016 and many other

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