Spirulina While Pregnant Is it Safe || Spirulina For Pregnancy

Spirulina While Pregnant Is it Safe || Spirulina For Pregnancy. In the previous article we have seen the benefits of spirulina and everything related this super food which comes from fresh water lakes and ponds. Even though this super food has many benefits it also has some limitations, we cannot take spirulina continuously as it may cause reverse effects on kidneys and liver. In this article we will know about spirulina for pregnant women and can you take spirulina while pregnant.

This article will cover the following topics

  • Spirulina safety for pregnant women
  • How much Spirulina should be taken by pregnant women
  • Advantages of Spirulina for Pregnant women

Spirulina While Pregnant Is it Safe || Spirulina For Pregnancy

Spirulina-While-Pregnant-Is-it-Safe || Spirulina-For-Pregnancy

Spirulina Safety for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is a very delicate period in a women´s life and having nutritional food which is full of calcium, iron and other vitamins are very important during this period and spirulina has got all the nutrients as a bundle but its is not recommended to take it on your own, you should be consulting your doctor before starting spirulina. Your gynecologist will refer you the dosage and the brand to be used for better safety, because the spirulina which is being consumed must come from ecological and organic sources as this will be free from heavy metals.

How much spirulina should be taken by pregnant women

It is obvious that Spirulina is a super food and there are many articles and videos published on it and you might get attracted towards the benefits of spirulina but, Here comes the question, How much spirulina should i take when pregnant? As spirulina comes from sources such as ponds, lakes and other fresh water sources it may be contaminated by heavy metals such as mercury. So, its is never advised to take without any proper consultation, breastfeeding mothers and pregnant women are always advised to check with their doctor.

Advantages of Spirulina for Pregnant women

Spirulina has got immense advantages for pregnant women, we generally see many women have iron and calcium deficiency during their pregnancy period and this deficiency effects the baby and while at birth the baby might have low weight and could have a weak immune system which cannot fight diseases. Spirulina has got 10 times more iron than spinach and 20 times more calcium than milk. So, spirulina will be a perfect food for women who have these deficiencies. This super food is generally preferred by vegetarians as spirulina has highest level of protein.

How To Take Spirulina In Pregnancy

Spirulina should be taken in organic form and from trusted sources

Spirulina Tablets : Available in tablet form and this is the easy way to consume

Spirulina Powder : Powder form of spirulina is also available in local markets, you can use the powder in your juices, salads, smoothies etc.,


Even though Spirulina has many benefits for pregnant woman, it is always advised to consult the gynecologist and take suggestion on the amount of spirulina to be taken as your doctors knows whats best for your pregnancy needs.

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