Teacrine Benefits, Usage, Dosage and Side Effects

Teacrine Benefits-Usage-Dosage and Side Effects.

Teacrine is similar to caffeine but with a few differences, though it is derived from caffeine molecule Teacrine has more advantages when compared to caffeine. There is not much information available on Teacrine but we have gathered all the research done on it in this article. Teacrine has the ability to enhance physical performance and cognitive development similar to caffeine but the effect of Teacrine is supposed to have longer duration than caffeine.

Teacrine Benefits, Usage, Dosage and Side Effects

What Does Teacrine Do?

Teacrine helps you to increase your energy levels without having any impact on your heart rate, if you are looking to attain peak performance then Teacrine is the solution. Many clinical trials have been don eon Teacrine and found to be safe and it is non-habituating, which means you will not crave for this ingredient even after continuous usage. Teacrine helps you to be alert, more focused, helps in cognitive elevation. Basically Teacrine is a smart stimulant which is does not harm you if you take the dosage as recommended.

Benefits Of Teacrine 

  • Increased Energy

In this competitive world one needs to be highly alert to be on the winning side, Teacrine consumption helps you to elevate mood and helps you to be focused for longer duration.

  • Feels Satisfied

Giving you full satisfaction is one of the property of Teacrine, when you start taking Teacrine in your supplement you will feel satisfied and leaves you energetic for longer duration. Athletes will have lot of advantage using Teacrine as it provides the energy and helps to attain peak performance.

  • Improves Attention

Mental energy is very important for doing tedious tasks and requires lot of attention, with the help of Teacrine you can attain the attention levels daily and be on top. You can accomplish tasks with the desired result with focused attention.

  • Improves Intelligence

In today’s competitive world one needs to handle multiple works at a time and for this you need high level of intelligence, Teacrine helps to improve your cognitive levels and makes you accomplish you goals with more efficiency.

Teacrine is  a unique supplement with valuable performance extending properties that extend well beyond caffeine, its ability to reduce factors that inhibit recovery coupled with the fact that continuous usage will not result in any bad outcome in health conditions. Teacrine is a superior option for hard training athletes looking for supplement that will allow them to optimize performance.

Teacrine v/s Caffeine

Teacrine is the best substitute to caffeine, because caffeine can only hep you to be energetic for 1-2 hours and also has effect on blood pressure, heart rate and creates irritation.

Teacrine is 4 times stronger than caffeine but has no impact on blood pressure, heart rate and does not cause irritation. Teacrine is best choice is you have allergy to caffeine.

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