Whats Next After Corona Virus? Are You Ready To Fight the Next Disease

Whats Next After Corona Virus? Are You Ready To Fight the Next Disease? Non one ever imagined we would be going through a phase like Covid-19 pandemic, it just took 4 months to shatter all the economies and lives of people. Not even the super powers like USA & European countries are able to do anything to avoid this deadly pandemic. Why did this happen? How did it CORONA VIRUS spread so rapidly like a wild fire and left scientists clueless. This is an alarm for mankind to get updated with their health, environments and change their living habits or else we would be facing another big hit like COVID-19. In this article we will discuss on whats next after Corona Virus? Are You Ready To Fight the Next Disease.

Whats Next After Corona Virus? Are You Ready To Fight the Next Disease

Whats Next After Corona Virus? Are You Ready To Fight the Next Disease

What Should you know about CORONA Virus?

CORONA virus is a disease caused by family of viruses related to SaRs (severe acute respiratory syndrome) and it has been named as Novel Corona virus or COVID-19 due to its structure. It has first been detected in China in November 2019 and now it has been spread to the whole world. Thousands of cases are being reported daily in USA, India, Mexico and other big countries.

Who is most affected with CORONA virus?

Corona virus generally causes mild symptoms but the people who are above 60 years and are suffering from chronic diseases are at higher risk of developing more severe disease. Corona virus causes severe issues for breathing and patients require medical support for severe cases. People who have good immune system have fought back with the disease and recovered.

When is a vaccine going to come for Corona Virus?

One more challenge ahead for the whole world is to find a safe and effective vaccine for Covid-19 and nearly 200 vaccines are in the race for covid-19 and out of these only 3 have made to final stage of human trials and many of them are still in animal trials. One vaccine from Oxford in association with AstraZeneca is in final stage of testing and one from pFizer is in II/III trials. As per the reports published in major magazines these vaccines have shown promising results and we can expect a vaccine by end of 2020 or early 2021.

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WHO says a safe and effective vaccine may take years and even if a vaccine arrives for Corona virus it should not be a temporary vaccine which could just last for years, we need to have a solid solution for this pandemic.

Immunity Is The Way

Immunity now is being taken very seriously and now people have started concentrating on their daily diet habits. There are many reasons why people are taking immunity seriously because people who recovered from Corona virus had strong immune system. Corona virus has given an alert to all human beings that anything can occur at any point of time and we need to be extra careful in our activities, being healthy is the only way forward for us to fight any diseases which could occur in future.

Are you ready to fight next disease?

Disease outbreaks generally occur in decades due to various reasons such as over population, wildlife encroachment, climate changes and other various reasons. Some of the previous pandemics were cholera, influenza, typhus, malaria. Now Corona virus is an ongoing pandemic and there is no treatment for it, this virus was first detected in China and it is assumed to be from a local meat market and this virus has spread all over the world and shattered many lives.

To get ready for the next outbreak, the only way is to be on safe side.Following are the things which we need to practice for at least a year or two to over the effect of Corona virus.

  • Maintaining social distance
  • Having good hygiene
  • Having good healthy diet
  • Exercising regularly
  • Avoid smoking
  • Avoid excessive alcohol
  • Proper sleep habits

With the above mentioned points we would be able to avoid the spread of the pandemics and be ready for the next worst outcome.




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