With DNA Nudge You Can Eat Perfectly and Move Perfectly

With DNA Nudge You Can Eat Perfectly and Move Perfectly.

Technology has come a long way, we see breakthrough innovation every day and many surprising devices which are making our lives better. Innovations in health-tech are need of the hour due to COVID-19 pandemic. Everything is going virtual and we need to get customized to these changes. In a latest innovation company named DNA NUDGE has come up with a personalized device which will help you in eating the perfect diet without compromising on anything.

We are all different because our DNA´s are different, in fact your DNA is unique to you which means different foods suit our body better, DNA nudge understands your bodies needs this makes it the perfect shopping companion, when you are out for shopping his device gives you a hint to make healthier choices which are right for you. This is not a diet you still decide what you want to eat, DNA nudge uses your unique DNA to give you a hint.

You get indication with red color and green color indication, green light indicates the right food for you but you should make sure you are not over eating it. DNA nudge aim is to promote healthy life style, the food which is shown green today might be shown in amber and this depends on your daily workouts.

How Does DNA Nudge Work | DNA Nudge Wrist Band | DNA Nudge Review

How Does DNA Nudge Work?

DNA Nudge has a patented cartridge where the swab of an individual will be placed and when the results of your swab are analysed they will be uploaded into a wearable capsule. All your information will be uploaded in their personalized app where you can get all the information.

DNA Nudge Wrist Band

DNA nudge has designed wrist bands for a stylish look, you get customized designs for the wrist bands. With wrist bands you can do the following activities

  1. Scan products and get information on which is good or bad for you
  2. When you sit for too long, it will alert you on inactivity
  3. NudgeMatch with friends, to see which DNA traits you have in common
  4. NudgeShare with family, helping select the right products for the whole family during the weekly shop
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With DNA Nudge You Can Eat Perfectly and Move Perfectly

DNA NUDGE Android App

You can easily download DNA Nudge android app if you are an Android user from Google Play Store


You can easily download DNA Nudge iOS app if you are an iOS user from App Store


  • Professor Chris Toumazou is the Co-Founder & CEO, he has got numerous awards and patents on his name. He is London’s first Regius (Royal) Professor of Engineering and founder of the Imperial College Institute of Biomedical Engineering.
  • Dr. Maria Karvela is the Co-founder & CSO, she is a leukemia researcher, geneticist, biologist. Maria’s team of geneticists, biologists, dietitians, and deep learning software engineers created the world’s first database to map genetic traits opening up a new era of DNA personalized shopping.

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